Plant Tour OU Students

March 7, 2016

Cannon Spring Company Review

               I had an excellent time touring the Cannon Spring Company this Saturday (3/5/16). Mr. Cannon shared an incredible amount of knowledge about spring manufacturing. I particularly enjoyed his thoughts about how to deal with suppliers (telling wire manufacturers that their product will be used for gun triggers to improve wire product). I also enjoyed his background about different wire qualities (Suzuki wire is the best, German wire is a close second). His background about the way different kinds of springs was also very helpful as an introduction into spring manufacturing. He provided an incredible opportunity to us and I am very grateful for his generosity. He also provided a great deal of insight into our particular project regarding valve spring manufacturing and design intent. The amount of information he provided was a little overwhelming for somebody who has never given any real consideration into spring manufacturing, but it most definitely sparked my curiosity and provided a necessary foundation for me to build upon. I also very much enjoyed seeing his innovations into the development of carbon fiber springs and I look forward to purchasing some once he finalizes his design. I wish we had more time to learn about other kinds of springs as the amount of information that Mr. Cannon can provide is extensive, but even the few hours we had to draw from his 40 years of experience in manufacturing was extremely beneficial. I would make all future tours a requirement for the entire class as the amount of information that he provided was substantial. His industry knowledge is impressive and warrants further investigation. I hope to use him as a resource in both future academic endeavors as well as during my career.


To Mr. Cannon,

               Thank you very much for your generosity, I had a great time touring your facility and I learned much more than I thought I would about spring manufacturing. Your insight into the manufacturing and development of different kinds of springs was very thorough and very informative. I look forward to seeing your carbon fiber springs in the not-so-distant future. Thank you again for this incredible opportunity, I really appreciate you taking the time to give us a tour as well as taking the time to test our spring.


Michael Kruta