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Our Over Run Room

This room is full of almost every kind of spring you can imagine.

Customers have found springs in this room for their broken recliners, broke tractors, overhead door springs and etc....

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March 7, 2016

Cannon Spring Company Review

Cannon Spring

Extension Spring

Cannon Spring

compression springs

Tuning Kit for 1911 Al


These are made with our proprietary springs. That is closed & ground on both ends.

Price per set $ 15.00

Various Projects for Universities and Institutions

     Over the last seven years, we here at Cannon Spring Company have had the privilege of collaborating on the design and manufacturing of various springs for multiple Universities and Institutions.  We have coiled radioactive lead for the University of Oklahoma Physics Department, valve springs for the University of Oklahoma Mechanical Engineering Department, and a sonar component for University of Texas Applied Research Lab R&D Department.  In addition to working on projects for the various Universities, we have also worked

Cannon Spring

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